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Brittany Tavar

Brittany Tavar wanted to believe in people. However, it turned out to be a bad decision to invite Joseph Dean Roberts to her house.  Brittany Tavar Missing The date was July 8, 2010, and it was like every other Thursday. …

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Jessica Renee Johnson

Was this a murder or a suicide? Jessica Renee Johnson’s death to this day remains an unsolved case. The police claimed Jessica committed suicide, however, her family point their fingers at Garland Hart – her ex-boyfriend.  Who Was Jessica Renee …

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Sarah Foxwell

A sick man decides to kidnap Sarah Foxwell on Christmas Eve. Instead of celebrating Christmas, young Sarah was abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered. Who Was Sarah Haley Foxwell?  Sarah Foxwell was an eleven-year-old girl and a six-grade student at Wicomico …

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Christina Woods

Daniel Lynn pleads guilty to second-degree murder without intent while committing a felony. He was charged for the death of Christina Woods. Her remains were discovered on property owned by a family member of Lynn’s near Cook, Minnesota. Who was …

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Natalie Antonetti

Natalie Antonetti, a carefree and devoted mother, suffered a terrible death, which still remains a mystery for over 26 years. The Austin police department was unable to identify anyone with a strong motivation to kill Natalie, a 38-year-old Cuban native …

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Kelly Ann Tinyes

Kelly Ann Tinyes, a thirteen-year-old Valley Stream girl, was dismembered, strangled, and stabbed. Her remains were discovered in the basement of her next-door neighbor, Robert Golub, a twenty-one-year-old bodybuilder who was prosecuted and convicted of her murder. About Kelly Ann …

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Elaine Graham

A murder solved after 20 years? The police had their suspect just in a couple of months. However, to finally bring murder charges to Edmond Jay Marr, the Los Angeles police department investigated this for 22 years.  Elaine Graham Elaine …

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Katrina Smith

“I will do whatever it takes. I want to grow old with you. I love you and cherish you, Katrina. Love Todd.” It was evident that Todd hadn’t moved on, despite Katrina’s wishes for a divorce. Who Was Katrina Smith? …

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Sabrina Limon

Sabrina Limon, a seemingly perfect wife with a perfect family, resorted to using her romantic relationship and affair with Jonathan Hearn to conspire with him to get her husband, Robert, out of the way once and for all. The Limon …

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