Stephen Unger and the Real Vampires of New Orleans

New Orleans Vampires

We all have heard numerous fictional stories about vampires. Even if you have never heard about classics such as The […]

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Countess Bathory - Countess Dracula


Monsters aren’t only limited to horror movies and books. There are real life monsters throughout our history and some even […]

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Political Crime

What is a Political Crime? Politics and Crime tragically have been associated dating as far as possible back to the […]

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Witchcraft for Beginners

In this guide to Witchcraft for Beginners, help you choose your path to sorcery and black magic. Witchcraft and magic […]

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Stochastic terrorism

Stochastic terror, or stochastic terrorism, is a phrase coined by writer David Neiwert to describe the utilization of mass correspondences […]

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Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

A piece of the review is the fight against malicious powers. This segment is associated with abstain present in Bible […]

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History of Pirates

What is Piracy, and who are Pirates? To understand their plight let’s start with the history of pirates. The act […]

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Harry Potter Evil Characters

You can’t have a good hero without a good villain. Harry Porter is beautifully crafted, with such evil characters. They […]

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Hate Groups

A hate group is an organization or group that commits violent acts against other groups because of their shared beliefs. […]

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Fear Mongering

Fear mongering is used by politicians and marketers to “sell” you on some ideal by causing fear first and offering […]

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Death Penalty – Botched Executions

Botched executions, although performed on criminals convicted of heinous crimes, are as heinous as the deaths performed by the criminals […]

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Evil Eye Meaning

The evil eye is undoubtedly one of the strong symbolic images in the entire world and it has been a […]

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