Exploring Serial Killers

Serial Killers

What is the definition of a serial killer? A serial killer is one who commits three or more murders as […]

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Serial Killer Vs Spree Killer

Serial Killer Vs Spree Killer

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) dropped the spree killer classification in 2008 after discussing the validity of a spree killing […]

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Serial Killers Interviews

The scariest thing about killers isn’t their twisted minds but how good they blend in with the rest of society. […]

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Are Serial Killers Psychopaths

Are Serial Killers Psychopaths?

Neuroscience has been studying serial killers and psychopaths for a long time. So are serial killers psychopaths? The conclusion is […]

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Does Childhood Trauma Create Serial Killers

Serial Killers Childhood: Does Childhood Trauma Create Serial Killers?

A serial killer is considered a person who murders 3 or more people, typically in the service of abnormal psychological […]

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Serial Killers Research: What Makes A Serial Killer, How To Spot One, And Much More

Let’s kick things off by explaining what a serial killer represents. Well, it’s a person who kills 3 or more […]

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4 Types Of Serial Killers All You Need To Know

4 Types Of Serial Killers: All You Need To Know

The world has been captivated by serial killers for a very long time, digging into their childhoods, family histories, psychological […]

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Ted Bundy

Last Words of Serial Killers

It’s always fascinating to read or hear the Last Words of Serial Killers. Some of them think of a pun […]

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Serial Killers IQs – not what you think

The super-intelligent serial killer stereotype is ingrained in the imagination of most people and it’s not without merit. It’s true […]

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The Devil in the White City

Best Books on Serial Killers

These days, true crime is all around us. From podcasts and TV series to podcasts and books, true crime is […]

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