Political Crime

What is a Political Crime?

Politics and Crime tragically have been associated dating as far as possible back to the times of ancestral authority. A crime that affects the state, country, and nation is referred to as a Political crime. It is always referred to as Politicians due to corruption scandals.

First of all, we need to understand that any crime performed by a Politician is not a Political Crime. It is a crime that harms the dignity of a country, state, and nation. Not only politicians commit this crime but also the citizens with the mindset of domination.

For a deep understanding consider a Politician threatening or beating his family members. It is not a political crime, it is a domestic crime committed by a politician. If that person accepts hush money to advocate for a regulation to help a huge company, then, at that point, it would be viewed as a political crime.

Another example is that a citizen or a person who performs terrorist activities on personal behalf or by taking funds or personal favors from any authority to harm the country and nation is a Political Crime.

Reasons for Political crime:

Few people commit a political crime with good intentions to save their country and nation.

For example; a person or a group came to know that something needs to happen that must be finished with control or are apprehensive for their country, so they will perpetrate a crime to save the country. Despite the crook’s positive intentions, these activities are still illegal and are rebuffed with fluctuating seriousness; rather than arranging the violations under a wide header, they are managed on a singular premise.

In some cases, it is committed to enhancing the status of life and it is funded from a criminal agenda or authority to harm the peace of a country.

Types and evil examples of Political crime:

Here are some most practiced Political crimes and their evil examples.


This type of political crime is categorized as corruption. It is the act of giving cash or resources to an authority or political figure in return for that individual to cast a ballot or talk in the interest of a specific regulation or conviction framework. Two parties are involved in it, one who gave the money and the other who receive the money, and in return, the second party gives legal or illegal favor to that person or company.

The evilest and most shocking example of bribery was found in Germany. In 2006, it was revealed that Siemens, that is Germany’s largest company, paid 1.4 billion dollars of bribery to authorities and Politicians of different countries over a decade. In exchange, they sell their goods a very high prices in that countries.


Terrorism is an act of violence to establish an overall threatened environment in a state or country. It is practiced with bombastic attacks and weapons.

Terrorism has been rehearsed by political associations with both traditionalist and radical goals, by nationalistic and religious groups, by progressives, and even by state authorities, for example, armed forces, authorities, and police.

Afghanistan is considered the most affected country by terrorism. However, this practice is quite in control since 2019.


Treason is any demonstration that assists an outside country with assaulting, making war, toppling, or in any case, harming the traitor’s nation, and the people who submit conspiracy are alluded to as swindlers. Several examples are found in history for this act. These criminals are usually punished in prison only one person was hanged. William Bruce Mumford was executed in 1862. During the American Civil war, he harmed the American Flag. Another person Tomoya Kawatika was sentenced to death in 1952. He was a Japanese American who tortured American prisoners. Later on, he was released from the US.

Human Rights Violation:

It is also considered a political crime because many mafias and political figures are involved in its practice for their benefit. It is the denial of the opportunity of thought and development to which all people legally have a right. Mentally sick and evil-minded people perform such acts. They consider other people as inferior.

Child slavery is the worst evil example of human rights violation. In 2002, almost 20 thousand children were found in Uganda. They were kidnapped and made a slave for the commanders. In the US, adult slavery was practiced. It is also the worst act of violation.


Perjury is the act of lying intentionally when a person intentionally lies. The exact meaning of this crime varies with borders. Braking an oath is also perjury. Perjury is only said to be committed if the person who lies knows that he or she is lying and giving a false statement about a serious issue. Indeed it is more than lying. In case a person does not know that the statement is wrong then this is not said to be perjury.

For example, submitting an illegal or false identity, driving license, ID card, etc, is Perjury. Donald Trump’s PA Cohen Bombshell was charged with lying to Congress in 2018.


A revolt or an affectation to rebel against laid out power, typically as treason or against the authority. It is the crime of revolting or affecting rebellion against the public authority. It is also defined as an association that inclines toward insubordination to the laid out request.

Tokyo Rose was sentenced to prison for 10 years. She aided German soldiers during World War II. Several other examples are found in history for the act of sedition. The punishment for sedition is generally 20 years in prison.

Role of Politicians and Governments to control the Political Crime:

Before moving towards the solution we have to find out the reasons behind the political crime. The people who commit such types of crime are mentally sick and consider themselves superior to others. They develop the environment of inequality by following ethnic differences, religion, racism, and status differences.

Government can play an important role in controlling the crime ratio by giving strict punishments and introducing moral development programs. The most important thing is being honest by themselves so they can be a role model for their nation.