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Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon


Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon

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2002 and 2000

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Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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Who were Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon?

Larry Ordwan and Maurice Gordon were two teenage brothers born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. They were brothers and lived in the same household.

At first they seemed like ordinary young men, but overnight they began to display very different attitudes and started bringing money home, even when they weren’t working. They also uploaded photos of themselves smoking, drinking and carrying weapons, which must have set off alarm bells for their parents.

At the ages of 14 and 16, the brothers began hanging out with Brice Rhodes, a 25-year-old man who was recording rap music videos with teenage boys.

Little by little he dazzled them with money, clothes, food and parties where alcohol and drugs predominated. Marie Wren, mother of the two youngsters, seemed to be aware of all this, but did not avoid it.

It is even presumed that the woman was in a relationship with Brice Rhodes at the time and was not very aware of what the teen brothers were doing. It was also evidenced that she liked to go out on the street and share with gang members.

14-Year-Old Larry Ordway and 16-Year-Old Maurice Gordon were part of Brice Rhodes’ group, who did his dirty work for him. Brice seemed to like to surround himself with underage kids to make himself feel superior and made them believe he was someone important, would be famous and was quite the gangster, when really he was a fiasco.

The youngsters trusted him and believed all his lies, so they lent themselves to accompany him in his videos and bad habits.

On May 21, 2016, the young men were last seen alive, getting into Brice’s car. That same day, Rhodes, in the company of other members of his group, took the siblings taking advantage of the fact that Brice’s mother was away.

Larry and Maurice were the victims of a double murder, when Rhodes decided to lock them up, gag them and stab them to death a few minutes later.

Brice Rhodes convinced them with money and guns

Brice Jamar Rhodes gradually put together his own group, mostly minors, with whom he used to hang out, record music videos and commit criminal acts.

Rhodes not only hung out with them, but also involved them in drug sales, robberies, among other crimes. Brice would dazzle them with money, alcohol, partying, food and the gangster life he pretended to have.

The young men who joined the group seemed to admire Brice, because he maintained a superior personality in front of the young men. In addition, he told certain stories that made him seem very brave, but which were not true.

Larry and Maurice joined his group when they were 13 and 15 years old each. Their habits gradually changed and they went from being two innocent and shy teenagers to two more daring young men, who consumed alcohol and lived by Rhodes’ instructions.

The teenage siblings’ relationship with Rhodes took them away from home and school. It was common to see them taking pictures of themselves with large amounts of money and guns, without attracting the attention of their mother, who apparently enjoyed that world as well.

Brice Jamar Rhodes, involved them on several occasions in drug sales, criminal assets, among other bad habits.

The brothers, in the company of other underage youths, used to go with Brice to do his business and ride in his car. All the neighbors in the area were aware of this and it was on May 21, 2016 that they were last seen alive.

Brice “Rambo” Rhodes, in the company of other subjects, took Larry and Maurice to his apartment while Brice’s mother was on a trip. Rhodes was threatened by them after they witnessed the murder of another person a week earlier.

With the intention of eliminating the witnesses, he decided to kill the brothers by stabbing them in the chest. Brice, together with his companions, took the bodies to another location and then burned them.

Due to the inexperience of Brice and his group at the time of burning the bodies, they were found by the police the next day near an abandoned house.

The day they were killed

After months of sharing with Brice, both Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon had complete confidence in him. The young men were dazzled by his supposed power, money and bravery.

Brice had dreams of becoming a famous rapper, so he would often record videos at home and at certain locations in the neighborhood singing his own songs. It is possible to see Larry and Maurice participating in these videos.

Since Brice Rhodes didn’t have the power or money to join a real gang, he created his own group of young men to accompany him, all of whom were under age, even though he was 25 years old.

Both Larry and Maurice were dazzled and accompanied him everywhere and were part of the bad behavior that Brice had always demonstrated. They not only stole for him, but also sold drugs.

A week before the young men were killed, both accompanied Brice and other subjects to carry out a murder. The two teenagers were very uncomfortable with this situation.

Brice, noticing that Larry and Maurice had changed their attitude after what they had witnessed, planned to kill them and thus prevent them from being able to talk about what had happened.

On May 21, 2016, Rhodes along with his buddies, drove by looking for the teen brothers in their car to go to Brice’s apartment, which was alone as his mom was away on a trip at the time.

The two brothers were used to doing this and saw it as normal, as they almost always hung out at Brice’s apartment, so they were not suspicious of anything.

Upon arrival, Rhodes along with other men tied up the two brothers and gagged them. They locked Maurice in the bathroom, while Larry cried and begged him not to hurt him.

He first stabbed Maurice in the chest inside the bathroom, and as Larry screamed pleading for mercy, he was taken to the living room of the apartment, where he also stabbed him several times in the chest.

Brice Rhodes ordered his companions, who were later identified during police investigations, to put the bodies in boxes. After doing so and cleaning the entire apartment, they took the boxes to an abandoned house a few meters away.

Upon dropping off the bodies they decided to burn the boxes in a not very discreet manner, which caused the police to be able to realize what had happened the next day.

On May 22, 2016, Louisville Metro Police found both bodies in the abandoned house and later identified them as Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon.

Brice Rhodes: A fiasco

Brice “Rambo” Rhodes was born on August 9, 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky. Although there is not much information about his upbringing or childhood, it was learned that he came from a family background of some deprivation.

Brice was creating his own group of friends, most of them minors. Apparently, he always wanted to be part of a gang, but was never able to join one and created one for himself.

Despite being 25 years old at the time of the murder, he used to surround himself with teenagers. This with the intention of being able to have a kind of hierarchy in the group and to be able to feel like the boss of the gang. He had a penchant for rapping, so he was always recording music videos with his friends of him rapping.

With gifts, money, clothes and food, Brice would chase the young men in his group to do his dirty work for him. Rhodes pretended to live the life of a gangster, making them believe he had power and money, but it was all a front; even Brice was still living with his mother in the apartment.

Investigations after the murder revealed that Brice Jamar Rhodes had a history of domestic assault and domestic violence. His own mother told police that she thought Brice had mental problems and constantly displayed a violent attitude at home.

Investigation Details

After police found the bodies of Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon, they instantly realized it was a double homicide.

Since many neighbors and the young boys’ own mother knew he was hanging out with Brice Rhodes, he was the prime suspect.

After several interrogations and interviews, it was discovered that on May 4, 2016, weeks before the murder of the two teenage brothers, Brice knew that one of the gangs he admired was offering money for a man’s head.

Brice thought it might be a good opportunity to look really good to the gang and make some money if he tracked him down and killed him to turn him in. Based on the man’s characteristics, Rhodes thought he had seen him and planned to go after him to kill him and collect the reward.

So it was that Brice thought that with the help of his henchmen, he could accomplish his task. He convinced Larry and Maurice to accompany him, and was joined by 15-Year-Old Anjuan Carter and Tieren Coleman.

They did indeed find who they were looking for, Brice killed him and they all quickly fled in the car. Rhodes then took the young men out to lunch, however, Larry and Maurice looked very nervous having witnessed the murder.

The man they murdered was named Christopher Jones, a 40-year-old African-American man, who turned out to be the wrong person. Brice Rhodes had mistaken the man for the person the gang had described, so he was guilty of murder and couldn’t even collect his reward.

A week later, Larry and Maurice had been uncomfortable in Brice’s company since the night of the murder. They seemed very worried and remorseful, so Brice began to fear that the two teenagers might talk about what happened with someone else.

So it was that Brice, along with 15-Year-Old Anjuan Carter and 20-Year-Old Tieren Coleman, took the teenage brothers to kill them and prevent them from reporting what they saw to the police. Also in the car was 17-Year-Old Jacorey Taylor

Interviews revealed that Brice and his companions murdered Larry and Maurice, stuffed their bodies in boxes and then burned them.

This is how the police discovered that the death of 40-Year-Old Christopher Jones was a triple homicide.


Rhodes’ trial began in January 2017, which has been in the news because of Brice’s irrational behavior. Rhodes repeatedly threatened the judge in the case telling her that he was going to find out where she lived, because he would one day be released from prison.

Brice also spat at his lawyer during one of the hearings after learning that his defense attorneys would no longer represent him. During his hearing he had to be handcuffed hand and foot for his behavior, and he also had to wear a mask to prevent him from spitting on other people.

Brice provoked the mother of the deceased teenagers during the hearings, throwing kisses and laughing and mocking her. He also threatened his lawyers and the judge and did the same to his fellow inmates.

Rhodes was charged with triple murder, but the case remains open because of his behavior and because of several psychiatric evaluations he is undergoing. The last trial was in 2022, but is on hiatus until 2023.

Elizabeth Wren, known as Marie, the mother of the teenagers, on several occasions during the trials shouted her dissatisfaction with the process.

Anjuan Carter, who was 15 years old at the time of the murder, was found guilty of the murder of Larry and Maurice and received charges of facilitation murder for the death of Christopher Jones.

Tieren Coleman admitted guilt on 5 counts, including accessory to commit murder. And he was convicted in September 2017.


Tiere Coleman and Jacorey Taylor were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Anjuan Carter, although he was the most cooperative in the investigation, was truthful from the start and gave more detail about what happened, also received a 10-year sentence for complicity murder.

Carter was released in 2019 for good behavior and for showing true remorse.

Brice Rhodes was charged with triple murder but has been unable to receive a definitive sentence, as he has constantly changed lawyers since 2017.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Brice Rhodes?

Brice Jamar Rhodes is a man charged with triple murder for killing two teenage girls and a 40-year-old man.

Where is Brice Rhodes now?

Brice Rhodes is in the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections awaiting a new sentencing hearing.

Did Brice get sentenced?

The case has been postponed multiple times due to his bad behavior in the hearings and the constant change of lawyers. He is expected to be sentenced in 2023.