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Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

A piece of the review is the fight against malicious powers. This segment is associated with abstain present in Bible from which we can find that significant battling isn’t with flesh. It shows us our fight, which isn’t physical yet profound, featuring the otherworldly powers of mischievousness and how they are coordinated. Expounds on a specific division of Satan’s insidious powers “Spiritual Wickedness in high places.” How we can battle against these powers with the teachings of Jesus.

If we look at history and what is happening in our time, we see that there is a lot to stand up against. With every passing day, we are being killed both directly and indirectly. Wars are happening, diseases are spreading, and crime is leading to death. Then there are sicknesses like HIV/AIDS that lead to death for many people. What are the spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places? These are not physical beings but principalities and powers with a driving purpose to dominate and control all aspects of life on earth. When you pray for protection from evil, remember these enemies of your soul.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness in this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. The apostle Paul gives a list of enemies we face, spiritual wickedness in high places being one of them. There are “principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” that we must stand against. These are not physical beings but principalities and powers with a driving purpose to dominate and control all aspects of life on earth. They even find their way away. In this specific situation, Paul starts his conversation of the defensive layer of God by empowering the holy people to be solid in the Lord and the force of his strength. In that strength and power, Paul counsels the brethren to place overall protection of God that they might have the option to remain against the wiles of the Devil. In this refrain, Paul focuses on the idea of the adversary against whom Christians battle. The four words (wickedness, world forces, spiritual) are descriptive of the Devil and his agents.

Paul, who was known for his blistering and blunt way of speaking, expresses a message that should mean much to us given our part in the conflict between good and evil. In the fight between Christ and Satan and their earthly captives, we also carry on this great conflict. Understanding his words can help us understand the struggle with evil we all face daily. This is the ultimate guide to understanding and practicing the teachings of Jesus and receiving his love. This Bible brings together the message of Jesus and examines teachings from Scripture that often go unnoticed by modern Christians, and explores how they can live more fully in light of God’s love. Each chapter is a practical walking-through, which encourages the reader to do something by taking action, at the moment.

What are these powers?

We must remember that the devil is a spiritual being, not a human being. The powers of evil are spiritual. Though Satan’s power is great, it is limited; he can do only what God permits. Believers should never seek to deal with demonic spirits directly or to invoke their aid for some supposed good. In this book, we see that there are high places and positions of spiritual wickedness in high places, around the earth. We read of the powers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in high places. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Those principalities and powers are referred to as the evil spirit creatures that inhabit deep dark spaces under the waters of the earth.

Paul is allowing us to understand that demonic forces are so well-organized that they have infiltrated the high places of society, including the media, educational and religious systems. Satan has established counter systems to everything God instituted. For instance, Satan set up a counterfeit church system with headquarters in Rome known as the Roman Catholic Church. The counterfeit church system has caused much pain, suffering, and even death for many innocent people throughout history. Somehow, in some way, Satan and his demons have managed to find their way into the religious high places. Sometimes he likes to call himself The Church of Satan or the Mystics. There is a type of love in these otherworldly high places that are based on materialism and fantasy.

This section is really difficult to comprehend. Doesn’t mean much when you take a look at it in a realistic way, because the context is all about spiritual enemies, not the kind that engages in violent activities like human beings. It’s quite common I know, but it still means the same thing nonetheless. Most of the time people see this and think only of horrible villains and evil-doers doing bad stuff all around the world, but that’s not what is meant by reality here. Evil powers influence our daily existence. Have you ever responded in fear to a television broadcast full of violence, sex, or profanity? Have you been filled with anxiety over your finances? Or have anxieties about relationships or health overwhelmed you? These emotions result from the spiritual darkness in this world and are not from God.

There is no doubt that Christ is superior to all other beings, regardless of their nature. When we join him, we become part of the heavenly army, and we share in his victories and triumphs. Instead of wasting our time trying to fight the elements of hell, let’s rely on God’s help and take control of our lives through his divine guidance. True Christians trust that no matter how great their challenges, Christ has won a victory for them. It ought to be recalled that our essential job toward Satan and his partners is to standby Christ and his work, empowering them against this ungodly beneficial force.

Spiritual Wickedness in High Places