John Edward Robinson

The Internet's first serial killer

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December 27, 1943
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John Edward Robinson was a notorious American serial killer who preyed on vulnerable women in the 1980s and 1990s. Born on December 27, 1943, in Cicero, Illinois, Robinson’s childhood was marked by neglect and abuse. In this article, we will explore Robinson’s childhood, his criminal history, and the shocking details of his crimes.

John Edward Robinson’s Childhood

Robinson’s parents divorced when he was young, and he was raised primarily by his grandparents. He was reportedly a troubled child who struggled in school and exhibited violent behavior. His grandmother was said to be physically and emotionally abusive, often punishing him by locking him in a closet for hours at a time.

As a teenager, Robinson ran away from home and joined the military, where he served for a brief time before being discharged for medical reasons. He then moved to Kansas City, where he met and married his first wife. The couple had four children together before divorcing in 1971.

Robinson’s Criminal History

Robinson’s criminal history dates back to the 1960s, when he was first arrested for embezzlement. Over the years, he was arrested multiple times for fraud, forgery, and theft. In 1984, he was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing from his employer.

It was during this time in prison that Robinson began to develop a scheme that would lead to his downfall. He placed personal ads in newspapers, posing as a wealthy businessman looking for a submissive woman to serve as his personal assistant. When women responded to his ads, Robinson would lure them into a trap, where he would sexually assault and murder them.

Timeline of Victims

  • 1984: Robinson is sentenced to five years in prison for embezzlement.
  • 1987: Robinson meets Lisa Stasi, who responds to one of his personal ads. He lures her to Kansas City, where he murders her.
  • 1993: Robinson meets Isabella Lewicka, who responds to one of his personal ads. He lures her to Kansas City, where he murders her and disposes of her body in a barrel.
  • 1994: Robinson meets Suzette Trouten, who responds to one of his personal ads. He lures her to Kansas City, where he murders her and disposes of her body in a barrel.
  • 1999: Robinson is arrested after one of his victims, Sandra Stansfield, escapes from his home and goes to the police. The police find evidence of multiple murders, and Robinson is charged with multiple counts of murder and sentenced to death.

Robinson’s crimes shocked the nation and raised questions about the dangers of online communication. He was known for his ability to manipulate and control his victims, using promises of wealth and power to lure them into his trap.

In the end, Robinson’s legacy is one of horror and tragedy. His victims were innocent women who were looking for love and companionship, and their lives were cut short by a monster who used their vulnerability to satisfy his own twisted desires. While Robinson is now behind bars, his crimes serve as a reminder of the dangers that can lurk behind even the most innocuous of personal ads.