Henry Louis Wallace

The Taco Bell Strangler

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November 4, 1965
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North Carolina
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Henry Louis Wallace was born November 4, 1965, in Barnwell, South Carolina. This American serial killer killed ten young Black women in Charlotte, North Carolina from 1992 to 1994 and is currently awaiting execution at Central Prison in Raleigh.

Early Life

While he was growing up, Henry Louis Wallace’s mother worked long hours as a textile worker and was a harsh disciplinarian constantly criticizing her son for even the smallest mistakes. At school, he excelled in many different areas and was elected to the student council during his senior year at Barnwell High School. He went on to become the head cheerleader. Before graduating from high school in 1983, Wallace worked as a DJ for a local radio station. In 1985 Wallace joined the U.S Navy and served until his honorable discharge in 1992. He had married his high school sweetheart Maretta Brabham the same year he joined the Navy.

Early criminal career

Henry Wallace spent several years in the military and turned to drugs while he was stationed at different bases. While in Seattle, reports show that Wallace was served warrants on several burglary and theft charges. Wallace was later arrested for breaking into hardware in January 1988. Eventually, he pleaded guilty to a second-degree burglary charge in June of 1988 and as a consequence was sentenced to two years’ worth of supervised probation. Seaburg reports that Wallace did not show up for most mandatory appointments during his probation period.


Tashanda Bethea (March 8, 1990)

On March 8, 1990, Henry Wallace murdered Tashonda Bethea, then dumped her in a lake in his hometown. It was not until weeks later that her body was discovered. He was questioned by the police regarding her disappearance and death, but never formally charged. The police also questioned Wallace about the attempted rape of a 16-year old girl in Barnwell but were never charged for that either. By that time, his marriage had fallen apart and he lost his job as Chemical Operator for Sandoz Chemical Co.

Sharon Nance ( May 1992)

In May 1992, Henry Wallace picked up a 33-year-old convicted drug dealer and prostitute Sharon Nance. She demanded payment for her services; Wallace beat her to death, then dropped her body on the side of the railroad tracks. Her body was found there a few days later.

Caroline Love (June 1992)

On June 18th, 1992, Henry Wallace raped and murdered a 20-year-old Caroline Love at her apartment and dumped her body in the woods. Love was the friend of Wallace’s girlfriend. The sisters reported the victim missing after he killed her. In March 1994, Love’s body was found in a wooded area in Charlotte.

Shawna Hawk (February 19, 1993)

On February 19, 1993, Wallace strangled 20-year-old Shawna Hawk at her home after raping her, and then he moved on to attend her funeral. Hawk worked at Taco Bell where she supervised Wallace.

Shawna Hawk (February 19, 1993)

On February 19, 1993, Wallace strangled Shawna Hawk at her home after raping her, and then he moved on to attend her funeral. The 20-year-old worked at Taco Bell where she was supervised by Wallace.

Audrey Spain (June 22, 1993)

The body of Wallace’s co-worker and manager Audrey Spain, 24, was discovered on June 25, nearly three days after he raped and strangled her.

Valencia M. Jumper (August 10, 1993)

On August 10th, 1993, Henry Wallace raped and murdered a college student named Valencia Jumper. To cover up the crime, his sister’s friend attempted to burn her body. A few days after her murder he went to her funeral with his sister and even sent her family condolences pretending to be heartbroken.

Michelle Stinson (September 14, 1993)

On September 14, 1993, Henry Wallace went to Michelle Stinson’s apartment. He stabbed her in front of her oldest son. She was a single mother of two children at the time.

Vanessa Little Mack (February 20, 1994)

Wallace brutally murdered Vanessa Little Mack on February 20, 1994. Mack had two daughters at the time of her death.

Betty Jean Baucom (March 8, 1994)

On March 8, 1994, Wallace robbed and murdered Betty Jean Baucom. He took valuables from the house before leaving with her car after he had killed her.

Brandi June Henderson (March 8, 1994)

Despite having murdered someone in the apartment complex across the street, Wallace returned on the evening of March 8th to break into Henderson’s home. Once inside he violently choked Henderson to death before proceeding to strangle her son, but he survived. After taking what valuables he could find, Wallace left the apartment complex.

Debra Ann Slaughter (March 1994)

The police in East Charlotte beefed-up patrols after the discovery of two bodies. Even so, Henry Wallace slipped through to murder Deborah Ann Slaughter and dump her body was discovered on March 12, 1994.

Arrest and Trial

Serial Killer Henry Wallace was arrested in Charlotte on March 13, 1994, for the murder of 10 women. He confessed to the murders, including an 11th murder committed before he moved to Charlotte, describing the appearances of each woman, what he did to them before killing them, and his crack habit. Over the next two years leading up to his trial, there were delays related to venue choice, DNA evidence concerning victims, and jury selection. His trial opened in September 1996 with the prosecution seeking a death sentence. Wallace was found guilty of nine murders on January 7, 1997; on January 29th he was sentenced to nine death sentences.


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