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The Sunset Strip Killers

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March 10, 1948
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Douglas Daniel Clark was born on March 10, 1948. He is a serial killer who operated with his accomplice Carol M. Bundy. They were collectively known as The Sunset Strip Killers when they committed a series of murders in Los Angeles starting on October 30, 1984 and ending May 4, 1985.

Early Life 

Doug Clark was a man who lived the life of a nomad. His early years were spent following his father who served as a U.S. Naval Intelligence officer. In 1958, his father accepted a civilian position as an engineer with the Transport Company of Texas but the family still moved around. 

Clark was enrolled at an international school in Geneva and later graduated from Culver Military Academy in 1967. He was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Colorado and Ohio. 

Doug Clark was eventually let go from the Air Force. He moved to Los Angeles after drifting around for a next decade, and he took a job as a mechanic before abruptly quitting. Next, he became a boiler operator but was fired due to erratic behavior over his high rate of absence and violent threats he made against his coworkers. He frequented Little Nashville bar where he met Carol M. Bundy in 1980. He moved in with her after they discovered they had some dark sexual fantasies in common.


Doug Clark was a man with a lot of sexual perversions. However, in order to find someone who expressed the same interests, he partnered up with an already like-minded individual – Carol Bundy. The two then went on several killing sprees together, raping and murdering girls as young as sole years old. These serial killers have been known to have had not only one but many sexual fetishes that commonly included necrophilia (defined simply as a desire for or sexual contact with corpses) so it is believed that Clark was persuaded by his partner to purchase four pistols for the two of them to use on one of their many murder sprees. As reported by the police officers who arrested them after the couple’s final encounter; Clark wanted to fulfill his dream of murdering a woman during *** and subsequently feeling her vaginal contractions during her death spasms.

During June 1980,  Doug came home one night and told Bundy about how he massacred Gina and Cynthia. He ordered them to perform oral sex then shot both women in the head before raping their dead bodies in the garage. Clark then dumped the bodies of the victims near the Ventura Freeway, where they were found the next day. An alarmed Bundy called the cops, admitting that she knew something regarding the murders but wouldn’t divulge any information as to Clark’s identity. Unbeknownst to Bundy, Doug told her if either of them were caught that he would take the fall in hopes that she wouldn’t be punished for knowing him because she had never been violent or aggressive before in her life.

Clark told Carol that if they if either of them were caught, he would take full responsibility in order to make sure she remained free from harm or suspicion of committing any crimes at all.

Arrest and conviction

After Clark Daug was arrested, the murder weapons were traced back to his workplace where they had been hidden. He was charged with six murders. At his trial, he served as his own defence counsel and tried to pin it all on Bundy , claiming he had been manipulated. The jury didn’t believe him and he was sentenced to death in 1983. 

Bundy on the other hand was charged with two murders: Murray and the unknown victim whose killing she confessed to having been present at. In return for her cooperation Bundy was sentenced to fifty-two-years-to-life imprisonment as a matter of plea bargain. On 9th December 2003, Carol M. Bundy ultimately died after suffering complications related to heart failure.

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