Amardeep Sada

Famous Child Serial Killers

You might already know of John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and Ted Bundy, as they are some of the most prolific serial killers of all time. Most serial killers start their killing sprees and horrific crimes after reaching adulthood. But, there are Famous Child Serial Killers who started at the youngest of ages.

It’s true, but there are also some serial killers who started killing people way before they hit puberty. We have rounded up a list of some of the most famous young serial killers that will keep you up at night.

1. Amardeep Sada

Amardeep Sada

Amardeep Sada is considered to be the youngest serial killer in the entire world. Disturbingly, he was just eight years old when he committed his first murder. If you’re wondering how such a young kid got involved in serial killing, you’ll be more than just shocked to learn how and why he could.

Every single victim of this serial killer was less than a year old. He first murdered his 8-month-old sister and then a 6-month-old cousin. He wasn’t caught for these two murders. Then he killed a 6-month-old child of his neighbor with a stone and confessed.

Amardeep Sada was then sent to the children’s home, and he then vanished after turning 18. This young boy had the traits of most serial killers as he showed no remorse.

2. Charlie Starkweather

Charlie Starkweather

Charlie Starkweather was raised in a noble family, and he had well-behaved siblings. But he was the odd one out, most probably because he was born with a leg deformity and used to get teased and bullied in school.

He also had a speech impediment that kept him from performing well. However, he excelled in his gym classes and made a great physique. Then he transformed himself from bullied to bully and became one of the most troubled students.

He committed his first murder in December 1957. His first victim was Robert Colvert, that he himself confessed. Then later, when he was 19 years old, he went on a killing spree with his 14 years old girlfriend.

These two teenagers sexually assaulted, stabbed, shot, and strangled 11 victims during just a couple of months, and then they were captured, and his girlfriend confessed. Charlie Starkweather was sentenced to death by electric chair for the horrific crimes he committed.


3. Eric Smith

Eric Smith

Eric Smith was considered to be a funny and loving boy when he was younger, but that changed very quickly. When he was only 13 years old, he killed a four-year-old boy, Derrick Robie. Smith lured that young boy into the woods and then hit him with a rock and then sodomized him with a tree limb.

The dead body of Derrick was found within hours as Eric Smith confessed his crime. He was charged with second-degree murder and sent to the New York States medium-security prison.

4. Graham Young

Graham Young

Graham Young was fascinated with poison from a very young age. He poisoned his several classmates, sister, stepmother, and father. His stepmother actually died, and then he was sent to a psychiatric facility with other troubled individuals who had committed crimes.

He was released nine years later, but during that period, he poisoned several staff members and killed one of his inmates. Then he was sent to prison to spend the rest of his life in the early 1970s.

5. Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante killed a nine-year-old girl, Elizabeth Olten, by luring her to the woods and strangling her. Then Alyssa buried Elizabeth in a shallow grave. The whole community freaked out because of the murder committed by Alyssa.

Alyssa was convicted, and as the detectives investigated her case, they found out that the young child, Elizabeth, wasn’t her only victim. She is still known as one of the youngest serial killers with a morbidly evil side.


6. Mary Bell

Mary Bell

The list of the youngest serial killers will be incomplete without mentioning Mary bell. She killed a couple of toddler boys. She suffocated the first boy to death, who was three years old. She killed the second one by craving the letter M into his belly.

Psychiatrists examined Mary Bell and found out that she had survived extensive emotional abuse, physical torture, and sexual assault. Because of her physical and mental condition, it was found that Mary Bell was incapable of standing a trial, so she was sent to a rehabilitation center.

7. Jasmine Richardson

Jasmine Richardson

The story of Jasmine Richardson is extremely horrifying and eerie. She was just 12 years old when she started dating a 23 years old guy named Jeremy Steinke. He brainwashed her by telling her stories that he was a 300 years old werewolf.

Jasmine’s parents tried to put an end to her relationship with that guy, but Jeremy Steinke and Jasmine Richardson ended up going on a killing spree. They killed both of Jasmine’s parents and her eight-year-old brother.

She was apprehended for three counts of murder and sentenced to 10 years, and her boyfriend Jeremy Steinke was sent to prison for three life sentences. Jasmine is one of the youngest serial killers of Canada, and it’s said that she’s the youngest person ever who killed more than one individual.

8. Harvey Miguel Robinson

Harvey Miguel Robinson

Harvey Miguel Robinson is one of the youngest serial killers in the whole world on death row. He was 17 years old when he raped and killed three females. He was caught because he was going to the home of his next target to kill her, but he was caught by police.

Robinson tried to kill the cops, but they apprehended him. Then he was sentenced to death for the first murder.

9. Jesse Pomeroy

Jesse Pomeroy

Jesse Pomeroy was the son of a Civil War veteran, and when he was just 11 years old, he started luring young boys into the woods to kill them. The investigation shows that he had killed nine younger boys. He was caught when he was on his spree to torture and kill other children and sent to reform school.

Once he was released, he had this obsession to kill. He then killed Mary Curran, a four-year-old girl from South Boston, and was sent to prison. Jesse Pomeroy confessed that he had killed 27 children and was convicted of first-degree murder.


10. Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolf seemed like ordinary teenage girls, but they had terrible home lives. Both of them were neglected, abused, and raped, and they instantly became best friends after connecting with each other.

They killed an 85 years old woman with a knife. Shirley Wolf writes in her journal that she killed an old lady and it was fun. Both of them were around 14 to 15 years old at the time of their first killing. Shirley Wolf ended up in jail and Cindy Collier was sent to a youth facility.

11. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables

This is yet another duo of two boys who were 10 and 11 years old. They are known as the youngest serial killers in British history. They found a two-year-old young boy in a mall, and they took him to the nearby railroad, where they killed him with an iron bar, stones, and bricks. They also threw paint in his eyes.

They were apprehended and found guilty. Then they were sent to prison and got released when they were 18. Later on, Jon Venables was caught again because he was involved in child pornography.

12. Craig Chandler Price
Craig Chandler Price

Craig Chandler Price is also known as Warwick Slasher, and he was arrested for killing four people. He was just 13 years old when he killed his first victim by breaking into her home. He stabbed a 27-years old woman 58 times using a kitchen knife.

When he turned 15, he killed three more females including a 40 years old mother along with her two daughters. His first crime went unsolved, but when Craig Price committed his second horrific crime, he was caught because of a similar cut on his hand.

Craig Price was sentenced to spend 25 years in prison as per court order, but he’s still violent even in prison, and it seems that he’ll never get out.

13. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weir

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weir

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weir killed Payton Leutner on 31st May 2014 by stabbing her 19 times. These two murderers tell the police that they killed the poor girl because they want to prove their worthiness to Slenderman.

The lawyer of Morgan Geyser said that she is susceptible to delusions because she is suffering from psychotic spectrum mental illness and schizophrenia.

Anissa Weir was sent to Winnebago Mental Health Institute for 25 years, but she was released in 2021. Morgan Geyser is spending her 40 years at a mental health facility.

14. Joshua Phillips

Joshua Phillips

Joshua Phillips killed an eight-year-old girl and was sentenced to life in prison. He was playing with his baseball bat when he struck Maddie Clifton in her eye.

He said to police that he panicked because of his father and immediately stabbed the little girl 11 times and strangled her with a phone cord. Joshua Phillips was sent to prison for life, and there is no possibility of parole.

15. Leopold and Loeb

Leopold and Loeb

Richard Loeb and his lover Nathan Leopold confessed that they kidnapped and killed Bobby Franks just for the sake of experience. They made a destructive duo as they performed multiple burglaries together before killing a human being.

They planned to kidnap a child for ransom. The details of their case show that they have even planned how to ask for ransom. After that, they spend about 2 hours driving in Southern Chicago. Then they spotted Bobby Franks, a 14 years old boy.

Interestingly, Bobby Franks was Richard Loeb’s cousin, and he said he knew that his father would pay the money. They offered him a ride and took a chisel to the poor boy’s head before dumping his body.

They panicked and Nathan Leopold forgot his eyeglasses near the dead body, and that’s how they were apprehended. Both of them were sent to prison for 99 years.

16. David Francis Brom

David Francis Brom

David Francis Brom nearly killed his entire family and he’s known to be one of the most terrifying young serial killers. He killed his sister, brother, and parents in 1988 using an ax. He did it because he got into a fight with his father.

He didn’t go to school the following day and told his fellow student about what he did in graphic detail. He was bragging about the whole incident. That’s how the news reached the school of David Brom, and the administration called the police immediately.

Because of Brom’s age, his case was sent to the juvenile court system, but later on, he was sent to the adult judicial system because of the severity of his crimes. He was then convicted of first-degree murder and is currently spending three consecutive life sentences.

17. Lionel Tate

Lionel Tate

Lionel Tate is the only murderer who was sent to prison for life without the possibility of parole. He was with her mother to look after a six-year-old Tiffany Eunick. He was playing with the girl for 45 minutes, and then he went to his mom and told her that the girl wasn’t breathing.

Lionel Tate had Tiffany Eunick in a headlock, and then he slammed her head multiple times on the table. She ended up having a swollen brain, broken rib, and fractured skull. Tate was sent to prison for life and his life sentence became so controversial because of his young age.

Lionel Tate was released on 10 years’ probation and one year’s house arrest. However, he then committed more crimes and he’s serving 10 years in prison currently.


Famous Child Serial Killers – innocence is not always found in children

It must be surprising to learn the number of young kids involved in serial killing. At the age when kids were trying to settle in school, there were young monsters who were busy killing people. You can only imagine the circumstances surrounding these kids and leading them to become incredibly violent.