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Sarah Ludemann

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Pinellas Park, Florida, USA 

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Who Was Sarah Ludemann?

Sarah Rose Ludemann was born on December 7, 1990, and was the much-beloved daughter and only child of working-class Charlie and Gay Ludemann. Charlie worked as a cab driver, and Gay worked as a surgical nurse.

She didn’t date many boys as a teen but did display a love for animals and aspired to be a vet one day. Then, at 17, she began seeing a boy named Josh Camacho, which would ultimately prove fatal.

On April 14th, 2009, things would come to a violent end for Sarah Ludemann at the young age of eighteen, all because of her relationship with Josh Camacho, who had begun dating his ex, Rachel Wade.

Witnesses Would Report A Murder That Night…

On April 14th, 2009, in the state of Florida, witnesses would see a girl murdered in front of them on a dark presential street after a short altercation. They would swiftly report the crime, and soon paramedics and investigators would appear at the crime scene.

They would find Sarah collapsed by a minivan with a gaping stab wound to the chest and almost no pulse. Rachel was sitting nearby, smoking a cigarette with a blank look, and reportedly not talking much to anyone.

18 year old Sarah Ludemann was rushed to the hospital and treated by doctors, but the wound proved fatal. She was officially pronounced dead a little while after 2 AM, on April 15, 2009.

Sarah Ludemann Was Killed With A Kitchen Knife

On the night of the murder, Sarah reportedly drove past Rachel Wade’s house, honking her horn and then driving away. A gesture that Rachel took as threatening given the history of hatred and threats between the two girls over their shared interest, Josh Camacho.

Rachel called one of her other ex-boyfriends, Javier Laboy, for comfort after the incident and decided to go to his house after he prompted her to visit for her own safety. On the way out of her home, Rachel grabbed a knife from the kitchen as a way to protect herself in case Sarah showed up.

Rachel reached Javier Laboy’s home however Sarah followed shortly after,  jumping out of her minivan. A short fight followed between the two girls but would end quickly when Rachel stabbed Sarah in the chest with the kitchen knife she still carried.

Still alive, Sarah took a few steps back towards the minivan before falling to the ground unconscious. Her assailant, Rachel, threw the murder weapon on a nearby roof and simply walked back to Javier’s house.

Who Was Rachel Wade?

Rachel Wade was nineteen at the time of the murder, had a job, a complicated romantic history, and her own apartment. She was an independent young woman, but one that had reportedly been manipulated quite a bit by Josh Camacho.

Friends of Rachel’s said that Josh was very controlling over her, even going so far as to tell her what she could wear (as he reportedly also did with Sarah), but that Rachel was so enamored with him and his bad boy attitude that she stayed in the relationship despite protests from her friends.

Rachel had found out about the same time as Sarah that the two were romantically involved with the same boy, they were both livid, but instead of leaving Josh Camacho, they, unfortunately, took it out on each other.

Police Found Many Heated Exchanges Online…

During their investigation into the motives of Rachel in Sarah Ludemann’s murder, police found many online exchanges between the two that carried various insults and threats. Some of the most notable are voicemail messages, text messages, and back-and-forth on MySpace.

At one point, Sarah posted photos of her and Josh together, and afterward she messaged Rachel to ask if she had seen the photos and added, “That’s with my man, not yours.”

Rachel took to her MySpace, calling out Josh with the words, “I deserve so much better.” Sarah replied to that post with, “You think you can find better?” This prompted Rachel to call Sarah’s phone and leave a very threatening and angry voicemail.

Throughout their fights, Rachel threatened several times that she would kill Sarah and stab her to death.

The Trial Went Smoothly

All of the evidence and testimonies of the people involved kept the trial moving smoothly. The defense tried to build a case around Rachel only killing Sarahin self-defense, and the opposing side argued that Rache; had murdered Sarah out of rage and jealousy born from their ongoing feud.

The Verdict Came In…

On September 3, 2010 Rachel Wade was found guilty of second-degree murder after the jury deliberated for less than three hours. Although Rachel stated that she acted in self-defense the judge believes that she intended to kill Sarah. She was sentenced to twenty-seven years in prison, and she remains in prison up to the current day, housed at Lowell Correctional Institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did Joshua Camacho have a child?

A: Yes, Joshua Camacho had one child with a woman that was neither Rachel Wade nor Sarah Ludemann.

Q: How long did Rachel Wade and Joshua Camacho know each other?

A: They had met around 2nd grade and went to the same schools after that.

Q: Did Rachel Wade and Joshua Camacho live together?

A: Yes, Rachel Wade and her ex Joshua Camacho lived together for some time.

Q. What happened to Sarah Ludeman

A. Eighteen-year old Sarah Ludeman was stabbed by female friend Rachel Wade with a steak knife on April 14, 2009 after they discovered they were dating the same boy.