The case of

Juan Uribe-Pena, Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford, Andrea Kruger


Juan Uribe-Pena, Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford, Andrea Kruger

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Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, USA

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With pure evil running in his veins, and the voices of an Egyptian serpent god in his ears, Nikko Allen Jenkins performs one of the most horrifying killing sprees in American history. But he wasn’t alone.

Met With The Devil: Who Were The Victims?

Just 10 days after being released from prison, Nikko Jenkins takes the life of Juan Uribe-Pena, Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford, and Andrea Kruger in a vicious murder spree.

Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz were in their late 20s when they were seduced by Nikko’s cousin Christine Bordeaux and sister Erica Jenkins to a sexual encounter. They were killed by Nikko Jenkins while waiting in their truck for their “partners” to arrive.

Andrea Lynn Kruger was a mother of 3 beautiful children – Jadyn, Ava, and Hartley. She was married to Michael-Ryan Kruger and was working at several bars in Omaha to help support the loving family they had raised together. She was simply closing up the DejaVu Lounge where she had worked at the time and headed home. It was at that night, around the couple’s 5th anniversary that Nikko Jenkins decided it was not enough to simply pull her out of the SUV she drove, he just had to shoot her.

Curtis Bradford was the abnormal target, in the sense that he is the only one who actually knew Nikko. They had met in prison and became friends. In fact, the day before the murder Nikko and Curtis took a Facebook picture together. Although it wasn’t Nikko’s initial intention to murder Bradford, Curtis was killed because Nikko’s sister Erica thought he was connected to a shooting aimed at her house, that took place in February 2013, and wanted Nikko to help her take revenge. Curtis was also the youngest victim to be murdered by Jenkins, at only 22. Curtis’s mother Lori Jenkins said he wanted to turn his life around and study Business & Entrepreneurship in college after his release from prison. If it wasn’t for Nikko Jenkins and the diabolical Jenkins family, Curtis may have gotten his chance to change and make a positive impact on this world.

Nikko Jenkins Out Of Jail – The Crime Begins

July 30, 2013 – Nikko Allen Jenkins has finished serving 10-and-a-half years behind bars and is now a free man, he served most of his final years in prison locked up in solitary confinement.  Although Nikko had stated dozens of times that he Is not mentally fit to be walking freely, and even said he would “kill people, cannibalize them, and drink their blood” – He was released. Without parole, without surveillance, and without any supervision. Truly, A danger to the public – on the loose. He would soon prove that he has not changed and is still willing to follow his entire family’s decades-long path of vice.

Shortly after his release from prison, Nikko is thrown a release party by his family. It is there when he is gifted with a very typical Jenkins family gift; A shotgun, Given to him by his uncle Warren J. Levering. The “special” gift came bundled with special ammunition, commonly known as “Deer Slugs”, bought for him by his mother Lori Jenkins.

It is on the 11th of August that Nikko Jenkins sets out on his bloody journey. With the help of his sister Erica Jenkins and his cousin Christine Bourdeaux, Nikko lures Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz to Spring Lake Park. Juan and Jorge simply thought they were going to meet up with the girls and possibly have a… “good time” as some might call it. But the word “Good” is simply not in the Jenkins Family’s vocabulary.

The Murder Spree – Teamwork Is Key

Murder #1 + #2 – Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz

It is just a standard night out for Juan and Jorge. They go to have a drink at a local bar, and who knows? They might just meet some nice women. They do meet women, but those women are the farthest from “nice” that anyone can come across. Juan and Jorge, unfortunately, meet Erica Jenkins and Christine Bordeaux, Nikko Jenkins’s sister and cousin. And those women are on a mission. Their job was to bring those two men to a secluded location so that Nikko could rob them. Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz drive up to a city swimming pool at 18th and F St, in Spring Lake Park. As they arrive in their white Ford pickup truck, Nikko comes up to them and shoots each one with a single shot to the head. They die instantly. Nikko proceeds to empty their pockets and leave them on the spot, drained of their lives. They are found the next morning, when a patrol officer finds them dead in their parked car, at around 5 a.m.

Murder #3 – Curtis Bradford

Nikko Jenkins is given his ticket out of prison and tries to make the most of his brand new life as a free man. In other words, he is constantly partying. At one of those parties, he meets Curtis Bradford. They had met before, in prison, and both are ready to embark on another one of the “adventures” they are so familiar with. Nikko asks Curtis to tag along on a robbery. With them, they bring Erica, because family comes first. They get going and each one is handed a gun, Nikko with his new but tested shotgun, Erica with a revolver, and even Curtis is given a gun, little did he know that it was unloaded. The plan was in motion. They get to the location they plan to rob except it is at this exact moment that the real crime is committed. Erica shoots Curtis Bradford right in the head. Erica is excited, celebrating her very first kill. Nikko on the other hand, not so much. He is upset that his sister “stole” his kill, and takes out his anger with a shot of his own into Curtis’s head. They leave his body in a garage at 18th & Clark St. Curtis’s body is found the next morning by a man simply returning from work.

Murder #4 – Andrea Lynn Kruger

Nikko Jenkins has another heist planned. But his plans require him to blend in a little better, so he decides to steal a car. He is quickly joined by his devoted family members; Erica Jenkins, Christine Bordeaux, and his uncle Warren Levering who, as you may remember, bought Nikko the murder weapon of his choice. The crew is ready to wreak havoc. They set out in one vehicle, and wait for a suitable target to arrive. Then, an SUV arrives, looking like the perfect vehicle for their next hit. Nikko and Warren exit their car while Christine and Erica stay in the original car. Nikko Jenkins opens the SUV’s door and pulls out Andrea Kruger. He slams her to the floor and shoots her four times. The murderous family drives off the scene, only to burn the car not long after the murder. Andrea Lynn Kruger was found by an officer responding to a shots-fired call late at night, left on the road where she was killed, at 168th and Fort St.

Nikko Jenkins – Born To Kill

Nikko Jenkins was born on September 16, 1986, to Lori Jenkins and David A. Magee. He had two sisters – Erica Jenkins, and Melonie Jenkins. Right there, at the very moment of his birth, he was set on a path to becoming the dangerous spree killer and the notorious person he is now.

Nikko’s whole family was convicted of various crimes including drug charges, theft, murder, and abuse. It wasn’t always the case though; Levi Levering, Nikko’s great-grandfather, was a tribe leader who had an exceptionally positive reputation and influence. He was famous for being a good person. But, as time went by the family had completely turned that reputation around, together, the descendants of Levi Levering committed a whopping number of 633 crimes.

That is the family Nikko Jenkins was born into. His parents were no different, both being convicted felons and constantly abusing their children and each other.

Nikko was exposed to atrocities no child should ever see. At the age of 4, he was already cleaning up blood from the floor after his parents fought. Violence and abuse were all that surrounded him, so it is no surprise that he will soon want to have a taste of sin himself. How soon? At the age of 7, Nikko Jenkins brought a loaded handgun to school, with every intention to kill his classmates. Fortunately, he was caught, which resulted in his transfer to various foster homes, and paved the road to becoming one of America’s most notorious killers. As a result of this attempted shooting, he started seeing a therapist, as Methodist Richard Young Hospital records indicate. At the unbelievable age of 8, he had already expressed that he wants to hurt himself, and other people, also claiming to hear voices telling him to commit these crimes. He was diagnosed with several types of mental illness at that point with ADHD and an oppositional defiant disorder.

Nikko joins a gang at the age of 11 and is given his very own gun, which he will carry with him at all times, from this point on. He continues to commit crimes and is charged along the way with arson, robbery, and several weapon charges. Nikko Jenkins is in and out of juvie throughout his entire teenage years.

The first turning point for Nikko Jenkins is at the age of 17. He commits 2 armed robberies and is given an 18-year sentence, from which he would only serve 10.

His life in prison was just as sinful as his life outside of it. Nikko was constantly causing trouble and spent a lot of his time in solitary confinement. Nikko’s mental health was deteriorating, he reported hearing the voices of an ancient Egyptian god Calle Apophis (also known as Apoph). Apophis is described as the lord of evil in Egyptian mythology and is destined to fight the forces of light. Very suitable to Nikko. He even performed self-mutilation, carving the number 666 and the word “devil” on his forehead, trying to split his tongue to resemble a snake’s tongue, and even trying to carve his genitals to resemble a snake.

Throughout his time in prison, Nikko repeatedly asked for help and stated that he wanted to kill people in the name of protecting the dark kingdom of Apophis. He had never gotten the help he requested. As the debates surrounding his release took place, Nikko said he had begged to stay incarcerated. But no one listened. Nikko was released from prison in July 2013 only to prove that all his threats could be made true.

The Investigation

It is not common for 4 seemingly random victims, with no similar features or clear connection, to be hurt by the same killer. That is the reason the police had not immediately suspected Nikko Jenkins. Although none of the family members were too careful while taking their part in the crimes, it was not easy to place Nikko and the Jenkins family at every crime scene. But sometimes the solution comes from the most unexpected places.

It is Nikko’s release party and Nikko celebrates with the entire family and of course his girlfriend (who would also become Nikko’s wife, despite everything) Chalonda Jenkins. But Chalonda Jenkins wasn’t happy with Nikko’s behavior at the party, specifically the way he “behaved” with the other women. They had a major fight. So major in fact that Nikko threatened to kill Chalonda, and even “send dark forces” to Chalonda’s mother. Chalonda was terrified. She knew exactly what Nikko Jenkins is capable of and she decided to call the police.

When the police arrived to handle Nikko’s threats they suddenly had the epiphany – maybe Nikko is the one related to the 4 murders, still unsolved at that point. They start digging. Very soon they find that the bullets used in all of the murders are the same; the so-called “Deer Slugs” – 12-gauge heavy projectile slugs that are fired from a shotgun. They quickly find security footage from a gun store that sold those exact bullets to no other than Nikko’s mother; Lori Jenkins. But more crucial evidence is discovered as the police arrest Nikko’s cousin; Christine Bourdeaux.

Christine Bourdeaux decides to accept the offer to ease her sentence in exchange for her telling the police everything she knows. She then becomes the key witness in the case, while simultaneously turning herself into the family’s nemesis.

As the police begin to question Nikko, he denies everything. But not for long, because in the 8-hour-long investigation, he changes his version numerous times until finally confessing to the murders, still blaming the system for letting him be released from prison, and of course Apophis, for whispering in his ear to commit the crimes.

The Trial

In November 2013, Nikko submitted a hand-written letter saying he pleads guilty to all counts in the murder case, and that he will protect Apophis’s Kingdom with “animalistic, savage brutality”.

Nikko was brought to trial in May 2017, after numerous delays on the count of Nikko claiming he is incompetent to stand trial. Eventually, he was evaluated by a psychiatrist and deemed fit for trial (only diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder). Nikko even filed a 24.5 Million dollar lawsuit against the state of Nebraska for wrongfully releasing him from prison.

While being appointed with Douglas county’s public defender as an attorney, Nikko has chosen to represent himself in the trial and was constantly repeating his will to kill and harm for Apophis, sometimes mumbling and speaking in tongues.

Eventually, after many delays and countless hours in court, the verdict was in.

The Verdict

In May 2017 Nikko Allen Jenkins received the death sentence along with a 450-year prison sentence by a three-judge panel.

Three years later, Nikko Jenkins filed an appeal, but the supreme court refused to hear it. He is currently on death row, still awaiting his death sentence, to which an official date was still not given. Nikko has since the verdict made several suicide attempts.

Frequently asked questions

Did Nikko Jenkins get the death penalty?

Yes, Nikko Jenkins was sentenced to death in May 2017

Why did Nikko Jenkins get sentenced to death?

Nikko Allen Jenkins was charged with the murder of 4 victims: Juan Uribe-Pena, Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, Curtis Bradford, and Andrea Lynn Kruger.

What was Nikko Jenkins childhood like?

Nikko Jenkins grew up in an abusive family, constantly witnessing crimes, violence, and confrontations