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Lawton Sesler Jr, Rhonda Wyse Sesler, Mark Alan Sesler


Lawton Sesler Jr, Rhonda Wyse Sesler, Mark Alan Sesler

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Waller County, Texas, USA

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Meet The Sesler Family and Mr. Anime

Lawton Ray Sesler and Rhonda Wyse Sesler were living in their Waller home on Farr St. Lawton was working as a teacher at Robinson Elementary school for over 16 years and was dealing with arrangements for his terminally-ill father at the time. Rhonda worked for six years at a local newspaper called Waller Times.

They were married for 34 years, during which they had two children, Mark Alan Sesler and Trey Eric Sesler-Mr. Anime. The two brothers connected well and were even making YouTube videos together.

But the Seslers were not your typical family; there was darkness behind the happy, loving facade. Tension, fights, and eventually murder were lying ahead.

How Does A Famous YouTube Anime Reviewer Become A Notorious Killer?

Things were going well for Trey Sesler, known as Mr. anime, as he built his audience and grew his channel LensCap Productions in the early days of YouTube. In the beginning, he was making small home videos with his brother Mark, but his style of anime reviews, mostly Japanese anime, soon caught people’s eye worldwide. He was described as honest, unbiased, and to the point, which was refreshing at the time.

But six years after the channel was launched, Mr anime was going off track…

In February 2012, Trey posted a video titled “Mr. anime is planning something.” In the video, he told his viewers he would take a break from making videos to “reward” himself. A few weeks later, he posted a video about an exciting job he had found in the movie industry but mentioned it might affect the rate at which he published more videos.

Along with these peculiar, ambiguous statements, his channel became increasingly violent. Trey was making videos reviewing graphic, violent anime and was showing excitement towards the blood-filled scenes and the gruesome nature of these shows. Trey was also obsessed with guns and was posting more and more videos of him with guns, sometimes even pretending to shoot himself and others.

Sesler was losing his sanity even when the cameras were off. No one knew about this at the time, but Trey was increasingly interested in killing; he was killing animals, including his pets, and was developing an obsession with mass shootings.

But Mr. Anime wasn’t only learning about those murders for “fun.” He was preparing to commit one.

Mr. Anime Planned to Shoot Up the School but Eventually Only Killed His Family

In the early morning of March 20, 2012, Trey lured his mother, Rhonda Sesler, to their garage, where he shot her four times from point-blank range in the chest with a shotgun. He entered the house and shot his brother, Mark, twice. Mark escaped after being shot and tried to lock himself in the bathroom. Trey shot at the door until it burst open. That’s when he saw his brother dead and the entire bathroom filled with his blood.

Lawson Sesler, Trey’s father, woke up due to the noise and went to the living room to try and find out what happened. Trey shot him in the chest and killed him. Trey had then shot each of them in the head again because he was unsure that they were dead. After he was done killing his entire family, including his pets, he wanted to continue his journey of murder and was ready to realize his ultimate plan – a mass shooting, where he had hoped to kill over 70 people. He picked up more rounds of ammunition and was ready to go.

Trey described the killing as getting a bit “too real” for him and backed out on his mass murder plans. He trashed his whole house and wrote disturbing messages on the walls and the doors. One of those messages said, “I will never forgive myself. I don’t know why I did this. God help me!” Trey even sent voice messages from his parents’ phones saying they would not show up to work the next day because they were dead.

Mr. Anime, Mr. Bryko, LensCap Productions – Behind The Names And The Camera, Who Is Trey Eric Sesler?

Trey Eric Sesler was born on August 3, 1989, and lived with his family in Waller, TX. Trey was not the most popular kid in Waller High school and was often described as weird or peculiar, even by his aunt Weda Frierson.

In 2006, Trey started a YouTube channel named LensCap Productions, where he had been making videos under the nickname Mr. Anime, mostly reviewing Japanese animation and video games. Throughout the following years of activity, hundreds of videos were published to the channel. Trey was thought by many to be one of the main contributors to the online anime community.

But Trey was obsessed with violence, learning about serial killers, particularly the Columbine high school shooting; he wanted to recreate it. He felt that “society was a sham” and was unhappy, saying he didn’t care what would happen next; he wanted to kill.

The Investigation

The police stepped in when they responded to a call from a concerned relative of Trey and arrived at the scene around 1 pm to find the ransacked, blood-filled house and, within it, the bodies of the Sesler family. One of the officers described it as a “warzone.”

After a day-long manhunt, Trey-Mr. Anime- was finally arrested. The police found that he had been planning that murder for a while, hiding weapons in various places and researching other mass shootings. After catching him, Trey was interviewed for eight hours, during which he admitted to the killings, saying he did not want his family to feel sorrow for the school shooting he had planned, but he changed his versions numerous times during that interview.

The Trial

During the trial, Trey Sesler showed remorse for his actions and even requested his parole rights revoked, as he stated that he is still a threat to himself and others. He eventually pled guilty on August 2nd, 2012.

The Verdict

Trey Eric Sesler was sentenced to life imprisonment for his actions without the possibility of parole or appeal.

Although it was rumored that he died in prison, he is still listed as an active inmate. It was also rumored that Trey is under suicide watch, but that has not been officially confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mr. Anime?

Mr. Anime is Trey Eric Sesler’s nickname; under this name, he made hundreds of YouTube videos and became notorious after murdering his entire family and being sentenced to life in prison.

How old is Mr. anime now?

Trey Sesler, AKA Mr. Anime, is currently 32 years old; he was born on August 3, 1989.

What did Mr. anime do?

Mr. Anime (Trey Sesler) was a famous YouTuber who Murdered his entire family.