The case of

Lawrence White, Mary Margaret Guilfoyle, Henri Tomei, Jim Ralph Gianera, Joan Gianera, Kathy Francis, Daemon Francis, David Hughes, David Oliker, Robert Spector, Brian Scott Card, Mark Dreibelbis, Fred Abbie Perez,


Lawrence White, Mary Margaret Guilfoyle, Henri Tomei, Jim Ralph Gianera, Joan Gianera, Kathy Francis, Daemon Francis, David Hughes, David Oliker, Robert Spector, Brian Scott Card, Mark Dreibelbis, Fred Abbie Perez,

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Herbert Mullin /Brief Biography of Herbert William Mullin

Herbert William Mullin, born on April 18, 1947, was a diagnosed schizophrenic who killed thirteen people in an attempt to stop an earthquake. The killing spree lasted for a four-month period. He had a relatively normal childhood in California, and Herbert was even voted “most likely to succeed” in high school.

Sadly, Herbert’s best friend died in a car accident after high school. His schizophrenia is said to have begun at this time and may have been triggered by the tragic accident. In his late teens, Herbert started taking psychedelic drugs, worsening his mental illness. By the time he was twenty-one, the symptoms of his disease had become evident to Herbert’s family. He voluntarily committed himself but checked himself out after just six weeks.

April 18, Herbert Mullin’s birthday, was the same day as the horrific San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. Due to the schizophrenia, Herbert began to become fixated on cataclysmic earthquakes. January 4, 1973, was the predicated date of a deadly earthquake. Since Herbert was already fixated on the earthquake, he thought sacrificing people could prevent this disaster.

He believed all the human lives lost during the Vietnam war were enough to stop disastrous earthquakes. With America pulling out of the war, Herbert had to find a way to find human sacrifices to prevent the cataclysmic earthquakes.

Murders and Victims

Lawrence “Whitey” White, a homeless man, had his head beaten with a bat by Herbert Mullins on October 13, 1972. Herbert pretended to have engine trouble, and Whitey agreed to help him in exchange for a ride. While Whitey was bent over the good, Herbert attacked him, hitting him over the head. Mary Margaret Guilfoyle, 24, was Herbert’s next victim. She was hitchhiking when Herbet picked her up, stabbed, and disemboweled her; her body wouldn’t be found until several months later.

Herbert claimed his father’s telepathy was directing him to commit these heinous crimes. Feeling conflicted, Herbert visited Father Henri Tomei on November 2, 1972, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Los Gatos, California.

The priest was waiting inside the confessional booth, which Herbert entered. After Herbert confessed to murdering Whitey and Mary, he left the booth and beat and stabbed the priest to death. By the time a witness was able to reach officers, Herbert was long gone. Later, Herbert would allege the priest volunteered as a sacrifice.

In 1973 Herbert thought joining the marines would give him a way to fulfill his prophecy legally. He refused to provide the marines with a copy of his criminal record, so he never joined. By this time, Herbert had also given up drugs. He wanted to confront the person who had first given him marijuana.

Herbert drove to the area this person might live in in the winter of 1973. A woman named Kathy Frances answered the door; he was at the wrong home. Kathy was not who Herbert was looking for, but he said her two sons, Daemon and David, could be his sacrifices. She would sacrifice herself too. Herbert committed the brutal murders of the mother and children.

After Herbert shot all three of them, he continued the crime spree. He found the home of the person who introduced him to marijuana, Jim Ralph Gianera. Herbert shot him and his wife, Joan Gianera. Jim Ralph could not remember why he gave Herbert his first hit of marijuana, so Herbet shot them. On February 10, 1973,

Herbert was camping in the Santa Cruz mountains. He then encountered four young men, Robert Spector, Brian Scott Card, David Oliker, and Mark Dreibelbis. The boys were illegally camping, and Herbert pretended to be a park ranger and kicked the boys out. The following day Herbert returned and shot the boys.

The final victim of the serial killer was Fred Abbie Perez. Fred was working in his garden in Santa Cruz when Herbert drove by. Herbert pulled out a rifle and shot Fred in the heart. The neighbor was outside and could jot down the vehicle’s license plate number before it sped off. The description and plate number were sent over the radio and Herbert was pulled over when a police officer heard it.

Trial of Herbert Mullin

Herbert Mullin was charged with the murder of ten people. Since Herbert confessed to the murders, the trial was going to be based on his mental state. The defense was pleading not guilty because of insanity. If the jury were to find Herbert legally sane, it meant he knew the difference between right and wrong.

It was easy for the prosecution to prove Herbert had planned many of his murders and covered them up, clearly knowing right from wrong. According to Herbert and his lawyers, the hallucinations from his mental illness caused him to commit these killings.

On August 19, 1973, Herbert was convicted on all ten counts of murder. The mass murderer was charged with the first-degree murder of Kathy Francis and her sons. Herbert was found guilty of second-degree murder for the other murders.

Imprisonment and Parole Hearings

Herbert Mullin was sentenced to life in prison but has been eligible for parole several times. Today Herbert is imprisoned in Mule Creek Prison in California. He maintains he only killed to save the environment and prevent devastating earthquakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Herbert Mullin get out?

Herbert Mullin was sentenced to life in prison and has been denied parole since 1980.

How old is Herbert Mullin?

Herbert Mullin was born on April 18, 1947. He is 75 years old.

How did Herbert Mullin get caught?

Herbert Mullin was caught after his last murder. After killing a man in front of his neighbor, Herbert was pulled over by police.