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Greg Mulvihill, Who was Greg D Mulvihill?

Gregory Mulvihill was born on September 30, 1970 and raised in Oregon with his family. Not much is known about his childhood but Greg moved to California in 2000 to pursue a career in computer programming. Greg was very successful in his work life. He was determined and focused at work, adamant to do well for himself.

At the age of 34, Greg decided that it was time to settle down and have a family of his own so he joined a dating site. This is where he met a woman by the name of Diana Lovejoy. They had shared interests in tech and fitness so they got on really well. Friends and family have said that their relationship, in the beginning, was perfect and that this was a happy time in the couple’s lives.

In August 2007, after two years of dating, Gregory Mulvihill and Diana Lovejoy got married. Following their wedding, they purchased a home together in the affluent area of Carlsbad, California.

Soon after this, Greg and Diana decided that they wanted to start trying for a baby. Unfortunately, this wasn’t easy for them and Diana suffered eight miscarriages and with each loss, their relationship became more and more strained. Despite this, the couple tried for a baby one last time and Diana was able to carry this baby to full term. On September 12 2012, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Shortly after the birth of their son, Greg was suffering with a shoulder injury. Because of this, he had to quit his job and this left Diana as the sole breadwinner. This created a lot of stress and in July 2014, Greg filed for divorce.

Greg Mulvihill Shot in the Chest

On September 1 2016, Carlsbad Police Department were called to a dirt path not far from Carlsbad. The caller was Jason Kovach and he told the dispatcher that his friend, Greg Mulvihill, had been shot in the chest.

Greg was rushed to the hospital, he had been shot to the left side of his heart but luckily, this wasn’t fatal and he survived the attack.

The Crime Description

At around 10.30pm on September 1 2016, Greg received a strange phone call from someone who claimed to be a private investigator. This PI said that he had some documents that could affect the custody battle he was fighting with his estranged wife over their son. The voice on the other end of the line said that he’d need Greg to look over the documents in person and that he’d call him later to tell him where to find these documents. He also told Greg that he would only have a short window of time to look over them.

Two minutes later, the PI phones back and tells Greg that the documents can be found attached to a pole, off a secluded dirt path on Avenida Soledad.

Greg is immediately suspicious about the conversation and he called non-emergency dispatch to see what they thought. They did say that while it seemed off, it was up to Greg whether or not he went to see these documents.

Mulvihill decided that he was going to go and see what was going on. He later said that the reason he went was that he had fought so hard for 50/50 custody of his son, he didn’t want the case to be reopened and risk everything. But Greg realized that is wasn’t sensible that he went alone. He called his good friend and boss, Jason Kovach to go with him.

The pair arrived at the entrance of the dirt path at around 11pm. It was one of the darkest nights of the month so finding the electrical pole was difficult. The dirt walking path was pitch black and Greg and Jason only had a small bicycle light to help them find their way.

They finally reached the pole but the documents were nowhere to be found. The only thing near that pole was an Angry Birds towel lying on the floor. Greg started to feel uneasy and shone his light up the hill. As he did so, he noticed a man dressed in camo lying in the dirt. He was pointing a sniper rifle at Greg and Jason.

One of the pair shouted either “Gun!” or “Run!” and the two of them began to ran back towards their car. The sniper fired seven shots at the men as they ran and one hit Greg in the chest, towards the left side of his heart. Greg didn’t realize that he had been shot until they reached their car and that’s when Jason called 911.

Suspect Diana Lovejoy

Diana Lovejoy was born on October 26, 1972 in Southern California. As a child, she attended Mountain View Hight School and then went on to get her bachelor’s degree in French, literature, music and psychology at UC San Diego in 1994.

Diana was easy to talk to, smart and funny. Her friends say that she was a great person to be around and she was disciplined and focused when she wanted to be. Diana wasn’t a party girl at school, she put all of her time and energy into her studies and her main interest which was fitness. Diana was extremely passionate about working out and she could often be found outside, hiking, biking or swimming.

During her studies, Diana got a part-time job working at Nokia. When she graduated, she took on this position full time and she was doing really well in her professional life. She stayed at Nokia for four years and then moved onto other technical writer positions for other software companies. She was successful, making well over $100,000 a year.

In March 2005, Diana met Greg on a dating website. The two of them bonded over their shared interests in tech and fitness. The two of them dated for two years before they tied the knot in 2007.

A year later in 2008, Diana decided to leave her software writing job and try to pursue a career in fitness. She was successful and mainly helped train people for triathlons. It was also at this time that she started making videos on YouTube, focusing on healthy meals and cooking.

Diana and Greg tried for a baby for a few years, suffering eight miscarriages along the way. In 2012, Diana gave birth to a healthy baby boy but her pregnancy was very high risk. By the time their son came along, Diana and Greg’s marriage was crumbling.

In June 2014, Diana made an allegation that Greg had sexually assaulted her while she was asleep. She also claimed that he had sexually assaulted their son as well. Greg was handed a temporary restraining order from Diana and Greg filed for divorce in July 2014.

Their divorce proceedings and custody battle was very bitter and it lasted for two years. Because of the sexual abuse allegations surrounding their son, Diana was favored in the divorce settlement and Greg was only awarded 10 hours under supervision with their son a week.

Both Greg and their son had to undergo several evaluations while the abuse claims were being investigated. This was completed in November 2015 and everyone involved said that there was no way that Greg had been abusive to his son. The professionals recommended that Greg was the primary caretaker of his son and another ruling was given. Greg and Diana now had 50/50 custody of their son.

Shortly after this ruling, Diana got a new interest. That interest was guns. She decided to take up shooting lessons at a local gun range, Iron Heights Shooting Range, near to her home in Carlsbad. It was here that she met gun instructor, Weldon McDavid Jr.

At this time, Weldon was around 48 years old. There’s little known about Weldon before he met Diana. The only thing that’s really known is that he served in the Marines for 12 years and he was married.

Diana explained to Weldon that she was taking up shooting lessons because she was afraid of her ex-husband and she needed to protect herself and her son. This wasn’t the first time this had happened to Weldon. A few years prior, a woman by the name of Crystal Harris had come into the shooting range and said the same thing as Diana. Weldon agreed to teach her how to shoot, showed her some safe hiding places in her home and taught her self-defense moves. This is important because it shows that it’s in Weldon’s character to help women who are in danger.

When Diana explained her situation to Weldon, he thought this was another woman like Crystal who needed his help. Crystal’s ex-husband was convicted before he got a chance to hurt her or her son but Weldon worried that Diana might not be so lucky.

Investigation Details

Carlsbad Police went to the dirt road shortly after Jason made the 911 call. Helicopters were scrambled to see if they could see the sniper lying in the grass but the only thing investigators found was another towel lying next to the power pole. There was also the strong smell of human faeces and upon further investigation, police could see that someone had emptied their bowels and used the towel to clean themselves up.

At first, Carlsbad Police thought that the shooting was unrelated to why Greg was out there that night. They didn’t even find the shell casings which told them that the shooter was experienced and they’d known to collect the casings to stop police tracking them down.

One of the officers on scene remembered that Greg had called 911 before he went out to the pole. After listening to this call, police questioned Jason and he confirmed the reason why they were out there. Police looked into the phone records of this call and it came back to a burner phone but they were able to track where this phone was purchased. It was bought at a Best Buy so police went and looked at the surveillance footage. They saw Diana Lovejoy purchasing the inexpensive pre-paid cell phone that the PI had called Greg on.

Diana was arrested and brought in for questioning and she told investigators that she was at the Best Buy to buy a router. Law enforcement tried a different tactic and asked her if she’d asked someone to undertake a murder-for-hire plot towards her estranged husband. At first, she denied it but it didn’t take long for Diana to open up. She told investigators about her shooting instructor, Weldon McDavid, teaching her how to shoot for her own protection. Diana also claimed that her and Weldon slept together but it was only once and she regretted it.

Later, she claimed that she paid Weldon $1000 to scare Greg into giving her full custody of their son and that she was going to give him a further $1000 after the fact. Once police learned of Weldon, a SWAT team went to his home to arrest him and search his home. In the garage, they found a multitude of guns as well as the rifle that they believe was used to shoot Greg.

Weldon denied knowing anything about the shooting and refused to hand over his cellphone for police to check his phone records. The human faeces on the towel was a match for Weldon’s DNA but he still denied being the shooter, claiming that he was out for a run and felt the urge to go to the toilet. That’s why his faeces was out there.


In October 2017, Diana and Weldon’s trial began. Both of them entered a not guilty plea for the charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to murder.

Greg was called to the stand and testified. He was asked about the abuse claims and he again denied them. He explained why he went out to the dirt road that night and that was to protect the current custody arrangement he had. He didn’t want another legal battle.

Weldon also took the stand and told the court how Diana had told him that Greg was a drug user who owned an illegal gun. He believed that he was protecting Diana by going out to the dirt path and shooting Greg. Weldon also claimed that he was such a good marksmen that if he wanted to kill or harm Greg, he would have done and Greg would have been dead. This was to back up his argument that he shot Greg by accident.

The prosecution were having a hard time of proving Diana was involved and that this was pre-meditated. That was until they brought in Diana’s aunt who testified that her niece had pulled her aside on Christmas Day, 2015 and asked her if she knew of anyone she could hire to kill Greg.


45-year-old Diana Lovejoy and Weldon McDavid Jr. were both found guilty of attempted murder and conspiracy to murder on November 13 2017. Both were handed lengthy prison sentences. Diana received 26 years to life in prison and Weldon received 50 years to life in prison. Weldon was also ordered to pay Greg $500,000 in damages.

When Weldon’s sentence was being read out, Diana passed out in the courtroom. Many people believe that this was faked but there’s no proof of this. The judge allowed her to seek medical treatment before returning to the courtroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Greg Mulvihill now?

Since the trial, Greg has remained out of the spotlight. It’s thought that he still lives in Carlsbad, California and he now has sole custody of his and Diana’s son.

What were Greg Mulvihill’s injuries?

Greg was very lucky that night and he only received one gunshot. The bullet entered his armpit and exited through his back. It was to the left of his heart and had he not turned to run when he did, it would have been fatal.