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Steve Lohman Jeffrey Dahmer Jesse Anderson

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Wisconsin, USA

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Who is Christopher Scarver?

Christopher J. Scarver was born on June 6th 1969 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had 4 siblings, of which he was the second born. He attended school, although he had dropped out by the eleventh grade.

Scarver was eventually found a job with the Wisconsin Conservation Corp programme as a trainee carpenter.

He claimed that supervisor Edward Patts had promised him a job upon completion of the programme, and that he would definitely be hired full-time. However, during his completion of the programme, Patts was dismissed which resulted in Scarver not getting the full-time position that he was promised. At this time his mother had also forced him to leave her house.

1st. Murder

On June 1st 1990, a disgruntled and angry Scarver went to the Wisconsin Conservation Corp Job training Program office. The supervisor who had replaced Edward Patts, Steve Lohman, was in the office at the time. Scarver found him and demanded money from him. When Steve was only able to hand him $15, Scarver was enraged. He shot Steve Lohman in the head, killing him.

He eventually managed to get a check from site manager John Feyan for $3,000, after some threats from Scarver and him shooting the already dead Steve Lohman a further two times.

After this Scarver ran, but was found just a few hours later sitting outside his girlfriends apartment building and was arrested.

He went to court, where a police officer stated that Scarver had known what he’d done was wrong and had intended to turn himself in at the police station. As a result, Christopher J. Scarver was found guilty, convicted and handed a life sentence, which he will serve at Portage’s Columbia Correctional Institution.

Jeffrey Dahmer

The Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, was not only home for Christopher Scarver, but in 1992 became home to one of america’s most infamous serial killers.

It was unlikely that Jeffery Dahmer would have an easy time in prison. Media coverage of his case had been extensive, and it was well known that he had cannibalised his victims. Dahmer had plead guilty to no less than 17 murders, and even among the most hardened criminals in prison, the way in which he left the victims, dismembered and prepared to be eaten, was repulsive. Also well known was his homosexuality and the fact that he had raped his male victims, even behind bars with hardened criminals who had all done terrible things, this carried a stigma.

While he was spared the death penalty, as the state of Wisconsin actually forbids the use of capital punishment, most people were of the impression that it would only be a matter of time before he was dead.

His first year in prison was spent in solitary confinement, for his own protection. After that year of isolation though, Dahmer grew restless and reportedly told family that he didn’t care what happened to him.

He left solitary confinement and, according to scarver, had a few heated interactions with fellow inmates. This claim is proven by the recorded incident between Dahmer and Osvaldo Durruthy, the latter had attempted to slash Dahmer’s neck in front of the guards.

It is also claimed that while Dahmer said he was a born again christian, repentant of what he had done, he used prison food and ketchup to imitate severed limbs that were covered in blood. This was in an attempt to taunt other inmates.

Prison Murders

On November 28th, 1994, Christopher Scarver, Jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Anderson, who had murdered his wife, were assigned to a work detail. This detail included the cleaning of the gymnasium toilet.

Corrections officers left the three men unsupervised, and this is when Scarver struck. He had previously removed and concealed a 20 inch metal bar from a piece of equipment in the weight room. He proceeded to use this 20 inch (51cm) metal bar to beat both Dahmer and Anderson.

After beating them pretty badly, he returned to his cell. A corrections officer found this strange, and asked him why he had returned and was not still working. Both Dahmer and Anderson had been found by two other correction officers by this time.

The beating had mortally wounded both men, with serial killer Dahmer being pronounced dead only an hour after arriving at the hospital. Anderson on the other hand, did not die until two days later, after he had been removed from life support.

Christopher Scarver would later claim that he had been provoked on the morning of November 28th 1994. That he had felt somebody poke him in the back and when he turned around he could not tell which of the two men had done it, but they were both laughing. He also claimed that prison officials knew of 25 year old Christopher Scarver’s hatred for the serial killer and left them alone on purpose. In the wake of Dahmer’s death, Scarver said that some people in the prison are repentant for what they have done, Dahmer however was not one of these people.

Scarver received two additional life terms and was subsequently moved to the Centennial Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Christopher Scarver be released?

Christopher Scarver will not be released, he is currently serving three life sentences without the possibility for parole.

Is Christopher Scarver alive?

Christopher Scarver is still alive, he is currently residing in Centennial Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado. He spoke to the New York Post in 2015 about his reasoning for killing Dahmer, and now writes poetry while he is serving his 3 life sentences.

How old is Christopher Scarver?

Christopher Scarver is currently 53 years of age as he was born July 6th 1969. At the time of his initial murder he was 21 years old, and when he killed serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in prison alongside Jesse Anderson he was 25 years old.